Saslykine, nerudijantis plienas, grilis


Original grills from stainless steel.
Buy grill for Christmas and get free spits and personalization.

Saslykine, nerudijantis plienas, grilis



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• Made of a thick stainless steel.
• Exceptional design.
• Environment-friendly.
• Durable, corrosion-proof, retains its form during the whole period of exploitation.
• Functional - it may be used as a base for pilaf, paella, goulash, fish and other soups, etc.
• Designed for a 12 L kazan pot.

Set: stove, cover.

• Made of a thick stainless steel.
• Grill shape distributes the grilling temperature evenly and maintains it for long time.
• Output of wood or charcoal is up to 50% less compared to usual metal grills.
• Durable, corrosion-proof, does not overheat, maintains its form.
• Mobile - it is folding comfortably and fits easily into a car boot.
• Universal - it may be used with grid or spits.
• Suitable for grilling fish, meat, lyuliya kebab, fruit, and even desserts.
• It may be used for picnics
• It stands as an exceptional interior or exterior design element.

Set: folding legs, original stainless-steel grill grid, bottom stainless-steel shelf.
sodo baldai

The product of beer kegs - bar table. Made of corrosion-proof beer kegs, wooden parts are impregnated following ship restoration technologies; therefore, this table may be used both inside and outside in any weather conditions. This table, together with our bar chairs will decorate home or homestead of a beer fan, and create a unique atmosphere in a bar.

• Durable, corrosion-proof, retains its form during the whole period of exploitation.
• Highest quality and exceptional, attractive design.
• Wooden tabletop.
• Perfectly suits the interior of coffee-bars and outdoor terraces, company presentations at exhibitions, fair or sports events, festivals, etc.
• Possibility to put your logo/wish on the product.
• Height of the table/ chairs may be altered upon a client's request, and to offer a glass tabletop.